Welcome aboard the vessel of innovation and reliability! At Advance Marine & Logistics Pte Ltd we don’t just move containers; we orchestrate seamless journeys across oceans, connecting businesses, dreams, and aspirations. Since our establishment in 2005, AML has been a vanguard in the realms of maritime and logistics. Our voyage commenced with the strategic acquisition of 8,500 ISO shipping containers a major ocean carrier, marking a propitious beginning that has charted our course to excellence. We offer containers in the Far East region especially in ports located in S.E.A. region of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and etc.

Your Partner in Global Trade

AML began its journey specializing in sales, rental, maintenance, and repair (M&R), as well as modification and customization solutions, to cater to the diverse needs of refrigerated container customers. Recognizing the exponentially increasing demand, we have broadened our service offerings to encompass Reefer Spare Parts, Receptacle Units, and the cutting-edge Wireless Real-Time Monitoring System for Containers, thereby enhancing our ability to serve customers in a more proactive and efficient manner.


Various Types of Containers

Reefer Container Spare Parts

Kitazawa Receptacle Unit

Wireless Remote Monitoring for Reefer Container


Container Modification & Structural Repairs

Maintenance and Repair of Reefer Containers


We sell Containers of all types including Standard ISO Shipping Containers i.e.

  • 20′, 40’STD, 40’HQ – dry vans
  • 20′ & 40’HQ Refrigerated Containers
  • Specials i.e. Open Tops, Flat Racks
  • ISO tanks of various types
  • Clip-on & Undermount Gen-Sets
  • Distribution Board / Panels Assessories
  • Container Spares
  • And More..... Learn More