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16 Tuas Avenue 8, Singapore 639231
+ 65 6459 1790

Our Services

We are in the sale & leasing of Dry Vans (GPs) and refrigerated container (Reefers) and gen-sets for cold storage of fresh produces (fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, chemicals as well as other specific application), raw material, frozen foods (seafood, poultry, bakery products, vegetables and fruits), and sensitive ingredients. When required, we also sell and lease other container types i.e. mobile office cabin & other special containers ( subject to availability )
M & R
General Maintenance & Repairs. Through our parent company and for our exclusive clients, we provide reefer maintenance & repair services and we welcome enquiries on reefer parts of major reefer machinery. For servicing & parts, you may want to visit ~ REPAIRS & refurbishing service for damaged reefer box.
& refurbishment of containers & NEW buildings Customs made & arrange for the manufacture of custom-built cabins and containers for off-shore, telecommunication container, fixed and mobile surveillance shelters, storage, kiosk etc. including on-site construction using prefabricated sandwich panel. NEW Building – AML is also in a position to arrange for new buildings i.e. order of brand new containers. And, we assure you of our utmost and that every enquiry is important & we will review with care, whether it is for 1 or 100 containers. We will offer you competitive prices, without compromising principles of quality and professionalism which we adhere to. HUMIDITY Control ~ Installation of humidifying or dehumidifying system
In addition to the above, we also trade in other containers such as Prefabricated Cabin containers for office, accommodation & ablution units, special containers i.e. Flat Racks & Open Tops, tank containers and other related shipping containers.